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Digital Waterfall Service
Where I can Help You

Project Mgmt.

I have the ability to be strategic AND tactical. This means that while I have an understanding of the overall goal of a project, I also have a detailed eye for the myriad and interrelated details required to support moving that bigger beast forward, bit by bit. I know how to break a problem down so that its solution can be built in an efficient and scaleable manner. (I do enjoy killing as many birds with one stone as possible.) By being a very organized planner, I stay on course, within budget and on schedule.

Team Management

A natural and trustworthy leader, I repeatedly have been plucked from individual contributor roles to lead teams. A good manager greases the path for her people to do their jobs—in other words: does not muddle or get in the way! With decisiveness, clarity, and consistency, I make sure my people know what is expected of them, and that they are provided the necessary resources to get the job done. Mentoring is part of my style, as is supporting my team members to keep developing themselves professionally.

User Experience

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, right? Empathy is the heart of user experience design. This begins with open, ego-free understanding, and "ends" by measuring with curiosity to ever-find opportunities for improvement. I am a design thinker who can help you at many stages of UX design—from research, use cases, storyboarding, wireframing and rapid prototyping, to content strategy, visual design, information architecture, testing and analytics. 


Brand is a tool. It is ultimately a tool to influence choice, but it also speeds operations because internal producers know exactly where they stand. Brand is not just represented in a product, or by a color or a logo. It is in the phone tree, it's how employees are treated, it's in customer support—anywhere someone experiences a company. I'll help you crystallize your organization's values and promise, and audit your brand touchpoints for consistency. Good UX  is a way to add effectiveness to your brand tool and become the chosen one.

Digital Marketing

An experienced digital marketer, I am familiar with the many intersecting disciplines of the science. I've done campaigns, email marketing, social media, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), video production, A/B testing, and Google analytics. I can help you design your campaign in 360 degrees: from the campaign theme itself to email compositions, promotion on social, landing page design, and effectiveness measurement. I can help you have a thorough, consistent and discoverable online presence.

“I was fascinated how well Tina managed and leveraged dev and creative teams workflow. She was the easiest person to get along and communicate with, yet working off-site. Tina kept department in order, making sure deliverables were completed on time. Being organized and prioritized as she is, we need more people like her at SmartBear marketing. Her valuable input impacted my career on a long run.”

Vlad Rashkovetsky
Web Analytics Lead at PixelMEDIA