Landing Page

The landing page is a specialty breed of web page whose goal is to deliver to the user the info that s/he proactively sought. In the above example, the user has already provided basic contact information be able to view this on-demand webinar. Around the delivered webinar, supporting elements are made available: sharing links; related webinars or ebooks if the user wants to further investigate the topic; or access a trial for the tool mentioned in the webinar (which is also helpful to the company).

To make things as easy for the webinar attendee as possible, once the “Start Trial” button was pressed, the information already gathered before watching the webinar is auto-fed into the trial sign up process. This is so he is not asked to re-enter information already provided to the company. (Don’t you greatly dislike when you provide info in a phone tree, and then get asked the same information all over again when you finally get to a human rep?) The user must be put at the center of the UI.

This flow worked whether a known user in our database had been alerted of educational content by a marketing email or if the user discovered the content in the Resources section of the company website:

This is what the broader landing page looked like:

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