Uni Helps to Keep IT Safe

When trying to promote a potentially ‘dry’ product, how do you stand out from the crowd of other ‘dry product’ sellers? Well, what do insurance companies do to sell their dry product? They have a spokesperson! Think Mayhem. Think Flo. Think the Gekko. So meet “Uni,” a memorable spokesperson—well, spokescreature—who encouraged you along the exciting path of getting your company’s data backed up properly.

I found it not only enjoyable to create the Uni character, but to then bring her to life in animation. The work behind the above video included tight (and super fun) teamwork, scripting, storyboarding, choosing voices, choosing the right music, scheduling, and direction.

A brand is really a tool, and solidifying one’s brand makes going to market SO much easier. Marketing can more confidently and easily create adverts and landing pages. Meanwhile the sheer fact of being recognizable gives a leg up to your sales team: instead of wasting time explaining who you are, Sales can get right to what a company can uniquely do for the customer.

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