When I attended the Adobe MAX show down in San Diego one year, Quentin Tarantino was one of the headline guests. He spoke of how each of his movie plots came from listening to music: that a story just starts taking shape his mind from the songs. I sat up, more engaged, “That’s how my brain works too!” For instance, when I am out for a run, earbuds in, the real world disappears and a cinema goes up in my mind. Music is hugely important to me and paints stories in my head.

The above image is one born from a combination of the real world, and the song, “If You Go” by The Hothouse Flowers. A friend of mine had just chosen to leave the planet and I did not know what to do with that. So when listening to this song…I just drew.

With a picture you can wordlessly capture the emotional impact of the story you are telling.


This is what came to mind when processing The Cure lyrics:
So I trick myself
Like everybody else
I crouch in fear and wait
I’ll never feel again!
If only I could
If only I could
If only I could remember
Anything at all…

Give me a song and I’ll envision a story.

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