I love whiteboarding. This is no surprise, as I am a visual thinker: I cannot “think in the air.” I need to put things down to both explain (communicate) as well as to be sure that I understand (reiterate). It’s a wonderful tool for brainstorming and early-stage storyboarding.

The top image came forth after watching the movie, The Waterhorse, (great movie by the way) to show how cute the Lock Ness monster might actually be.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

The whiteboard is a great medium for getting things down FAST too. Once when explaining the expression “obvious as an egg in a snowstorm” (meaning a white egg isn’t very visible against a white snowy environment) a different kind of story popped into my mind. I thought of a larger plot about a poor egg trying to make its way through a snowstorm, and had to quickly get it down.

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